31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make You Want To Spend All Your Time In Your Living Room

While we’re still in quarantine, you might as well get comfy with some of these amazing items that will actually make you want to spend all of your time in your living room.

1. A modern full-size innerspring futon mattress ideal for when you want to fall asleep while watching Netflix but nix waking up feeling sore from lack of support. This durable living room essential is built to last and made for optimal comfort.

Promising review: “The Classic Futon was easy to unpack. Setting up was fast and easy. Overall, the product is very comfortable and well-built. The fabric is soft, yet the futon is strong, sturdy, and firm. As a back-and-side sleeper, I found the futon to have the proper support. After sleeping on it for seven nights, I did not experience either sore hips and shoulders or back pain.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $149 (available in two colors)

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2. A vintage-style portable Victrola record player turntable with built-in Bluetooth speakers for impromptu at-home dance parties and deep listening sessions while we wait for the world to open up again.

Promising review: “Purchased this as a gift for my father. He grew up listening to records so was super ecstatic when he heard they were making a comeback. He was thrilled to receive it, and it brought back memories of his youth. The sound was clear and the portability of the suitcase is very practical.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $39.88 (available in two colors)

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3. A mood-boosting honeycomb essential oil diffuser that changes colors with the press of a button so your skin will stay moist and your space will smell as heavenly as a luxury spa.

Promising review: “Cute and small but strong. It works really well. I bought this to to keep spiders at bay. It definitely works (with peppermint oil). One could probably smell up the whole floor! Works amazing.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $14.88

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4. A light oak five-shelf bookcase so all your beloved plants, books, baubles, and various knickknacks can have a sturdy, artful display place to call home. So pretty.

Promising review: “I LOVE this bookshelf! The colors are perfect and are great for a modern farmhouse vibe in your home. I plan on getting another one of these to put in my sunroom and put all of my plants on! It’s sturdy, heavy, and the design is beautiful (and it looks like it would cost a lot more than it does)!” —Christina

Price: $200

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5. An energy-efficient air purifier with a true HEPA filter and smart mode to reduce contaminants in the air like pollen, pollutants, various allergens, and pesky odors. Plus it looks great in any space.

Promising review: “Very quiet. We use it in our office on automatic. It occasionally turns the speed up on its own when the air quality changes, which is awesome because we know it is helping us breathe clean air. I researched a lot of models and am very happy to have selected this one. Highly recommend it.” —Brandy

Price: $229.98 (available in two colors)

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6. An eye-catching distressed abstract area rug made from blissfully soft polyester material that you’ll want to sit on for hours on end while reading every book in your TBR pile.

Promising review: “This abstract area rug is just beautiful. The colors are vibrant and well-blended. The size is perfect for a small room. It goes well with any decor and it vacuums well since it is low pile. Definitely recommend it to everyone.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $29.87+ (available in three sizes)

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7. A snazzy Novogratz single powder-coated metal storage locker that fits great in smaller spaces and blends beautifully against any backdrop.

Promising review: “Obsessed with this locker is an understatement. With virtual school this year we had to turn our basement playroom into a home school room and this was the perfect addition. Closes really nice, BEAUTIFUL color, and great for extra storage. Very roomy.” —Chelsea

Price: $204.97 (available in four colors)

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8. An extremely cozy, oversized throw blanket complete with a special sherpa pocket for your feet that’s basically a must-have for those who feel eternally cold. Heat up a mug of hot tea and watch a movie in total bliss.

Promising review: “I bought this for my husband for Christmas. It is very soft and cozy. The pocket on the bottom stays on his feet so his feet don’t get cold when he’s lounging in his recliner watching TV.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $12.88 (available in seven colors)

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9. A burnt orange Novogratz bar and serving cart because you deserve to create your very own coffee station (or cantina) with these three spacious storage shelves.

Promising review: “This cart is very durable and sturdy! The first and third shelf is solid wood. The second shelf is iron-like. I really like this cart because it actually holds heavyweight objects. The wheels roll great as well. I would definitely recommend this cart! Very well-made. It is easy to assemble! Did not take long at all. All the tools needed come included. This cart is not too big and not too small! Just the right size and height for me.” —Walmart reviewer

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10. A set of extendable LED string lights that will make you feel like you’re floating through a sparkling night sky…even if those shining stars only appear on your curtains.

Promising review: “Very pretty! I love to have them on day and night. Easy to put up. I like it at night because no one can see from outside. I am going to reorder more.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $24.99 (available in plug-in or USB and three colors)

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11. A rustic farmhouse-style coffee table complete with a hidden lift-top storage compartment that slides up out so smoothly you’ll be swooning.

Promising review: “The table is GORGEOUS and practical. I love that it has space inside, and that the top can be lifted to eat at. It’s just awesome, and I am thrilled with the purchase. It’s perfect!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $194.07

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12. An adorable embroidered decorative throw pillow made from soft but sturdy chenille. So cushy and oh-so-fitting for the “new normal” and beyond when we all get to experience the serotonin rush of canceling plans again.

Promising review: “Super cute! Very cute addition to our living room. Love the back side too.” —Jenee

Price: $12.87

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13. A soothing Himalayan pink salt lamp that gives off the most relaxing therapeutic glow one ever did see. Add to the ambiance when you want to do some living room yoga and meditation.

Promising review: “This lamp is way better than I expected. The dimmer is great. The highest setting is pretty bright and the lowest setting is dim enough to have as a night light. I will likely purchase more in the future as gifts or for other rooms in my home. If you buy this as a gift, get two because you will want to keep it!” —Sarah

Price: $16.82

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14. A fuzzy faux square stool provides the best place to rest your tired feet at the end of a long day while helping to keep them toasty warm. Warning: may make you crave pink marshmallows.

Promising review: “So cute, I love it! I have it as an accent piece next to my console table and it stands out. You can also use it to put your feet up. Good quality” —Gigi

Price: $41.97 (originally $50; available in three colors)

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15. An energy-efficient blackout grommet curtain panel to keep the pesky sunlight from slamming into your retinas on those days you want a little in-room shade and serenity.

Promising review: “I decided to redo my living room and thought these would look great for the summer. They do! I love that they block out the light enough and keep the room cool. Plus they look great!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $10.47+ (originally $12.96+, available in three sizes and 17 colors)

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16. A shimmering crystal-inspired table lamp that would honestly look right at home in the elegant castle from Beauty & The Beast. Belle would definitely die for this.

Promising review: “I bought a retro1940s vanity and two of these lamps to place on each side. Love the look! It was easy to assemble with light bulbs included. Great buy.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $36.74+ (originally $67.50+)

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17. A fashionable bamboo print white rice paper four-panel room divider so you can add a little privacy by creating nooks & crannies to a room making it feel like a lush botanical garden in springtime. Ahh, you can practically smell the cherry tree blossoms now…

Promising review: “So elegant and beautiful! I just received it, the packaging was excellent. Smells like new. I like everything about it and it is absolutely worth the price. It blocks most of the light, I simply love it and highly recommend it, worth every penny.” —Elvira

Price: $74.99 (originally $99.99, available in two colors)

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18. A thick, nonslip highly supportive yoga mat printed with exclusive design work that will have you doing the most optimal sun salutations and downward dogs you’ve ever done. Imagine you’re exercising in an opulent garden from the comfort of your living room.

Promising review: “I’m using it at home and leave it rolled up in my living area where the color matches my decor. It is extra long and perfect for under my yoga trapeze silks. If I don’t get to put it away before someone stops by, I’m proud to show it off….the design is so pretty. It is a beautiful piece at a nice price and delivery was really quick.” —Dona

Price: $21.49 (available in six colors)

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19. A classic five-blade ceiling fan with three pull-chain adjustable speed settings to deliver the quietest, coolest airflow possible while giving your space a contemporary, trendy finish.

Promising review: “You would think a ceiling fan priced like this one couldn’t be good. I thought the same. Well, we are wrong! This thing is so fancy, silent, and easy to put together, I just bought the second unit and still can’t believe it.” —Serena

Price: $49.84 (available in three colors)

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20. A lavish eight-piece battery-operated LED candle set for all that great homey coziness and none of the pesky dripping wax, smoke, or fire hazard potential to worry about.

Promising review: “That they look like real wax candles and they give off a nice light.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $14.09 (originally $19.99)

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21. A lightweight serving tray so you can enjoy your tea, coffee, and snacks while lounging, never needing to hunt for a coaster last minute to protect your wood table varnish.

Promising review: “This tray could pass for one far more expensive. It is simple, sleek and classy. I love it!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $29+ (available in four colors)

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22. A whimsical round decorative wall mirror in the shape of a shining sun so cute you’ll want to gaze lovingly at it (and consequently, your beautiful self) all day long.

Promising review: “We love this mirror wall decoration! It’s a heavy one and the bronzed/dark gold color perfectly matches the decor in our living room. I would also see this mirror as a coffee table top decoration! We are very pleased with this product!” —Kafu

Price: $50

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23. A stylish, hand-tufted shaggy area rug that all but begs you to step onto its luxuriously fluffy surface and marvel at its gorgeous design. Looks especially great beside a fireplace or sofa.

Promising review: “The rug that I purchased was better than the picture. The color is perfect and the feel of the rug is quite luxurious. I love walking on it with my bare feet and I know with cooler weather coming, it will be quite comforting to me since I work at home because of COVID!” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $79.79+ (originally $89.28+, available in four sizes)

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24. A spacious three-in-one flat panel TV stand made for television sets up to 65” which doubles as a sweet spot for your video game console, sound bars, and extensive DVD collection.

Promising review: “This was perfect for our new 65-inch TV. It’s great that it gives you three options of display; we chose the float mount which we love!! The stand itself is very sturdy and stylish, and we chose the cherry wood finish for the legs: beautiful! The shelves give more than enough space to store satellite or cable box, DVD player and DVDS, sound bars, speakers, etc. Very pleased with this purchase.” —Vickie

Price: $149 (available in two colors)

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25. An industrial-chic brown faux leather accent chair generously padded all around and guaranteeing you the greatest seat in the house (I mean, just look at that shiny finish!)

Promising review: “I bought this chair because of its modern look and it looks so comfy! I got it yesterday and assembled it and it only took me 10 minutes to assemble it! The instructions are so easy to follow. It’s very sturdy and I love it! Perfect for lounging!” —Elora

Price: $99

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26. An absolutely adorable, large and extra-thick therapeutic pet bed so your furry friend has a special spot to snooze while relieving their pressure points and achy joints while you pet them during family movie nights.

Promising review: “This bed has helped our 12-year boxer — greatly, as she has bad knees. The bed is the perfect size and the foam inside is firm yet comfortable for her. I ordered a second one for her.” —JuLee

Price: $39.97 (available in three colors)

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27. A crushed velvet tufted square floor cushion for when you’re sick of the sofa and want to get a little more eye-level with pets, little kids, and floor plants.

Promising review: “The soft velvety texture of this floor cushion makes it a perfect seat in our Bohemian-style den. It’s comfy, but we wanted to make it comfier so we stacked two together for a little more cushion and height. It’s been resistant to stains so far, doesn’t shed any material, and was perfect for the price where other retailers are selling floor cushions for an outrageous amount.” —Kelley

Price: $29.99 (available in eight colors)

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28. An elegant circular side table to add an instant touch of luxe to your space, not to mention the best book and coffee mug location just an arm’s length away from your comfiest chair.

Promising review: “Beautiful glam side table! Purchased this for my daughter’s new apartment. She loves it!” —Cori

Price: $60 (originally $80, available in two colors)

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29. A trendy rice paper floor lamp with a square wooden base that can be easily turned on and off with the press of a foot peddle. Plus it includes two sockets for more diffused lighting options, if that tickles your fancy.

Promising review: “Needed to light up a small section of family room and these lights are fantastic. They warmly illuminate the room. The on/off switch is cool. Just tap with your foot. I bought one and immediately ordered another. Easy to assemble and packaging was great.” —Marsha

Price: $42.37 (originally $54.99)

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30. A spiked artificial agave plant featuring a beautiful and natural-looking contrast of colors and textures that helps turn any living area into a tropical paradise.

Promising review: “We love this agave plant. It really adds to the room. We plan to buy another one.” —Cyndi

Price: $104.87

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31. A welcoming 28” dark chocolate electric fireplace heater designed with a fan force heater, adjustable temp, and five stunning LED flame effect levels that can be enjoyed with or without heat. How very Swiss chalet chic.

Promising review: “The fireplace is very elegant. A rich color that goes with any decor. It’s fit perfectly in my living room.” —Walmart reviewer

Price: $178.99

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